IdeaPad S10-3, Lenovo New Evolution Netbook


IdeaPad S10-3
In the beginning of this year, Lenovo immediately presents the evolution of their netbook. What are the latest features of the mini laptop IdeaPad S10-3 series?

Lenovo's office is located in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/2/2010), detikINET had chance to witness demonstrations of the two latest products Lenovo S10-S10-3 and 3 t.

Based on observation, Ideapad S10-3 was more impressed with the solid cast metal old brown brush. If the previous S10-3 appears glossy, is now the front cover there is a motive similar to wicker.

When you first boot, features the latest 2.0 quick start is different now. Social networking icons like facebook and twitter have been there now. So the user can directly upload images without any status or login into Windows first.

From the keyboard of this product performs in size and 98 percent chicklet design. One interesting thing is the power button, a one key, and Quickstart are now moving in the right and left of the screen.

Some other features include:
-. OS Windows Starter
-. 250 GB HDD / 1 GB RAM
-. 3 USB ports
-. Intel Atom processor N450
-. Direct Share feature Sync, a one key recovery, and active veriface system protectio

Unfortunately this netbook does not have an internal modem 3G. This netbook comes at the end of next March with a price range of U.S. $ 419.

Google Curse The Occurrences of Sister


The emergence of search engine called artificial Goojje in China, was invited wrath of Google. This Internet giant felt their copyright was being trampled. A stern warning was posted to the Goojje.

Google's rate, in addition to copyright infringement by using distinctive logo Gogle, believed to have Goojje also allows the user to believe that this site has a link to Google.

Therefore, the search giant asked to stop using its logo Goojje a grace period until Monday local time. If this request is not followed, Google is threatening to take legal action.

DetikINET launched from the AFP, Tuesday (9/2/2010), Goojje designed by 20 teams led by the student with the nickname Wen. This site is displayed after the issue of Google's departure from China scrolling. For your information, the syllable 'jje' in Goojje vocabulary sounds like China to older women. Was 'gle' in Google's own vocabulary of sounds like China to older men.

Goojje side have not provided a response to Google's for such anger.

Eva Longoria Spread Porn Links on Twitter


eva longoria
One of Hollywood celebrities, Eva Longoria Parker not to be outdone by the other celebrities in the world to join cyber slang. He joined the site that was famous mikrobloging, Twitter.

But perhaps because it is still relatively new member, Longoria made a fatal mistake. In one posting on his Twitter account, he accidentally post a link to the porn sites follower.

Actually, Desperate Housewives star wants to promote a site that talks about her husband, Tony Parker who is the club pebasket the San Antonio Spurs. However, as reported by Canoe and quoted, Wednesday (10/2/2010), which displayed a website address instead dirty.

After realizing his mistake, Longoria was in a hurry to warn the follower. He asked that they not access the relevant sites.

"Oh Noooo! I was wrong to write the site address of my husband, I wrote instead to the porn sites. Do not be accessed," he wrote in the next tweet.

Twitter account belonging sold Longoria. Although recently joined, he noted already has hundreds of thousands of follower.

DataTraveler 5000


Flash Disk with AS Standard Password

data traveler 5000
Kingston Digital, an affiliate company of flash memory from Kingston Technology Company, announced the launch of DataTraveler USB Flash Drive 5000 has doubled security level.

This product has a registered security from the technology base SPYRUS hardware that supports 256-bit AES-XTS and Suite B cryptography, including the ECC.

Suite B algorithms specifically selected and proven by the U.S. government and the Department of Defense for use in the distribution of data in multi-national environment, including the application of classification and not classified.

While the XTS-AES mode is the mode for the encryption password much stronger than the CBC, ECB and other modes.

"DataTraveler 5000 provides a high level of security protection and encryption for government and enterprise users," said Nathan Su, Flash Memory Sales Director of Kingston, the Asia Pacific region in his statement, Sunday

Adobe: Flash application can function in the iPad


Many people lamented the iPad is considered 'less get along' with Adobe Flash. And really hope that Adobe Flash developers will be able to make their applications at the iPad.

To allow applications running on the iPad Flash, and also the iPhone and iPod Touch, Adobe has announced a tool called Packager for iPhone. This tool can developed applications with Adobe Flash into applications that run on the iPhone operating system.

As quoted from Techtree, Friday (29/1/2010), Product Manager for Adobe Air Mobile, Michael Chou, has explained that Adobe has arranged for Flash developers can create applications that can adjust the screen size changing.

However, the new Packager will attend the Professional version of Flash CS5. Later, the applications on iPhone, iPod Touch and can be made based iPad Action Script 3.

For now, only a few developers and designers who can use it. This was done through a limited invitation and submission directly to Adobe.

Unfortunately, Flash video format can still run on the Safari browser on the iPad and iPhone OS-based devices other. So, when the Flash content can be enjoyed in the iPad et al? Let's see the development of this issue later.

Currently there are several applications that convert Flash to the iPhone. These include South Park, Boost Your Brain, or Red Hood.

Porn Video Ready to 'Heat' iPad


Porn industry known agile enough to follow the development of technology. To deliver pornographic content, they take advantage of the latest gadgets and Apple iPad would not miss their target.

Digital Playground, one of the principal class snapper porn industry, announced providing special content for the iPad. Claimed, that content will be optimized for user satisfaction iPad.

As reported by TechRadar and quoted, Tuesday (2/2/2010), the content offered, including high-definition video streaming.

"As a world leader in high-definition video production, Digital Playground is triggered to provide high-quality movies in all platforms including the iPad," claims Farley Cahen, Vice President of Digital Playground.

With a wider screen, Cahen rate obscene content fans will be more satisfied than iPad using iPhone or iPod. No comment from Apple about this

iPad Can 'Tripped' By Bra Accessories


IPad name, which is attached to Apple's newest product, a potential stumbling trademark. Companies that already use the name iPad vary, ranging from electronic products to a bra manufacturer.

One of the brand holder iPad existing in the market is the German company Siemens. Siemens had previously used the name iPad for the machines they have.

There was also a chip manufacturer based in Switzerland that is STMicroelectronics. Quoted from, Tuesday (2/2/2010), the company reported that they had registered that IPAD is an extension of the Integrated Passive and Active Devices.

However, from several companies that already use the name iPad, which is unique from the Ontario company called Coconut Grove Pads. Apparently, since 2007, they have made bras and shoulder pads called iPad.

Not yet known whether the companies above will act like Fujitsu. When Apple announced the iPad, Fujitsu representatives had expressed their disappointment as the iPad trademark owners.

Trademark dispute is not the first time Apple faced. Smashing the previous similar problems with Cisco Systems Apple related iPhone name. But the two technology companies finally agreed to share the name.

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